Plenty of celebrities (Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan, etc.) have dabbled in the world of making music. Another "celebrity" has jumped in the ring, making what could be the most awful song of the year so far.

Former Teen Mom star/adult actress/shameless (and classless) young woman Farrah Abraham is using the spotlight she earned during her time on the young motherhood MTV series to attempt another money grab, following her foray into the adult film industry.

Thinking she can also sing, Abraham takes to the studio, saying "being yourself can make you famous" in her song "Blowin'". I have heard plenty of terrible songs in my day, but this one actually made me feel nauseated and made my ears hurt - and that isn't an exaggeration. Beside the incredibly painful "singing", the video is a bizarre blend of Abraham spending time with her daughter and time spent out partying and drinking. Sadly, I'm not shocked by the terrible parenting being portrayed in the video, but I am shocked that she couldn't afford a better choreographer to help her ridiculously awkward dance moves look at least somewhat normal.

Now that I've warned you, here is the video for Farrah Abraham's new song, "Blowin'"

Watch Music Video for Farrah Abraham's Song Blowin'