Bob Bell was a hockey player for UMD back in the 1960's even playing during the initial opening of the DECC in 1966. His actual playing hockey days may be behind him having endured back surgery, three hip replacements and a shoulder replacement but that does not stop him from being active and helping out the community.

Bell was in construction for over 30 years, having just retired 10 years ago, so you could say he is pretty handy when it comes to making things. Despite being in constant pain and having trouble walking he is out with his snowblower, handling all the plowing up and down the alley for his neighbors.

At 74 Bell also has a special skill to help people with their balance when walking with his one of a kind hockey stick walking canes that he makes. He knows how hard it is to get around especially on the ice. These seem like an obvious choice for this area being the home of hockey.

The thing is, I want to give them away, I don’t want any money for these things. If I can help somebody by making a cane, it gives me something to do, and it’s one thing less in the landfill. So if you know anybody that needs one, take one, but I need some more material.


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With all the hockey players in this area you would think you could find these by the stack in any average garage. So spread the word Bob needs your old hockey sticks! If you have sticks you want to donate, or need a walking cane, please contact Shari Olson  who is the general manager at the Essentia Heritage Center call (218) 623-7434 or (218) 348-2417.

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