Here we go again! A hit medical first-responder drama is having a go at Minnesota in a recent episode and it isn't even the first time.

If you aren't watching 9-1-1 on FOX, you are missing out! The show is one of my favorites and is currently in its fifth season. One of the show's main characters is from Minnesota - on the show and in real life.

That means that the cast and crew of the show is often poking fun at the on-screen character for what they think are his Minnesota ways. It has happened several times over the course of the show's run and it seems like they have no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Ha!

The first time I noticed it was when I was binge-watching late last year. It goes down in season three in an episode called What's Next. The Minnesotan character, who goes by Captain Nash, mentions going to summer camp back home while he was growing up. That leads his co-workers and crew to declare that there aren't real cities in Minnesota, including St. Paul.

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My binge-watching continued which led me to another episode in season four in which they make fun of Minnesota once again! This time, Captain Nash is trying to find a hidden treasure that has sent the city of Los Angeles into a frenzy because he wants to retire and spend his time fishing. This leads him to explain to his wife that he loves it because he is from Minnesota.

While this one wasn't exactly mean, it definitely plays into the whole Minnesota stereotype of all we do is fish and we all know how to fish. I guess it could be worse! This one was kind of fun.

While watching the newest episode, they had another crack at Minnesota and this one lasted quite awhile. This time, the wise cracks happen in season five and episode eleven, which is titled Outside Looking In.

The firefighters and paramedics are hanging out at a bar and throwing a few back. The local news is covering one of their most recent rescues and one of the team says that the story is going to do great for the television station's ratings.

Captain Nash says that ratings are something only people from Los Angeles would care about, to which the team member cracked back with the following;

What'd they, uh, care about in Minnesota Cap? Cheese?

Clearly, that is a Wisconsin stereotype but close enough. Cap responds with the following;

In Minnesota, we care about the official state grain of wild rice.

Some of the team is confused as if this is a joke or not and I can't lie. I also am not sure if there really is an official state grain. That would be a little strange but it is true that we love our wild rice.

The conversation doesn't end there. A new member of the team asks Captain Nash about working and living there and she says that she can't imagine being a first responder in subzero temperatures. This is where things get really Minnesotan as Captain Nash responds;

A little Alberta Clipper never hurt anybody. It's good for your skin.

I don't know if I would agree it's good for the skin but a little snow and cold never hurt anybody, that's for sure.

It is a pretty fun show and one of my favorites. It is serious while also being balanced with its funny parts! It is also hard not to laugh whenever they bring up Minnesota. It has happened a few times now and I am sure it will again.

The Minnesotan character is actually from Minnesota in real life. You would probably recognize Peter Krause. He is been in a ton of different television shows and movies and was born in Alexandria.

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