Frank Ocean is so pissed at Chris Brown over their parking space slapfight that he wants the probationary poster boy prosecuted.

(We know, say that five times fast.)

However, the charges likely won't be as severe as the 'channelORANGE' singer would like.

Complex reports that Brown, who allegedly punched Ocean in the brawl, will not be charged with a hate crime, which is what a lot of outlets initially speculated since Ocean is openly bisexual.

Without the added severity of a hate crime, which is a felony, Brown, if charged, would get misdemeanor battery. A misdemeanor usually doesn't involve an arrest, which may bode a bit better for Breezy in terms of his probation -- he's only a little over two years in on his five years for his assault on then (and possibly current) girlfriend Rihanna.

TheWrap explained that if he were to be arrested, a report would be sent to the court from Brown's probation officer, so this is a pretty good situation for Brown so far considering the circumstances.

Complex also reports that Ocean was hospitalized for a few minor scratches.

While Brown has yet to issue any sort of official comment on the fight, he did post the above photo to Instagram with a telling caption: “Working on my album. Not working on negativity. Focus on feeding ya family. Bulls--- will forever be in the shadows.”

Or in the parking lot. Whatever.

Most entertaining? Brown, who takes solace in visual art, painted Jesus on the cross, writing, "Painting the way I feel today. Focus on what matters!"

We're not sure Brown is entirely familiar with how Jesus felt. He supposedly died for the sins of people on Earth and was reviled by nonbelievers for a few reasons, but none of them involved Twitter wars, beating his ex or calling his followers fat.

In this case, what matters appears to be abs. Breezy's Jesus is ripped, so you could probably bounce a quarter off of whichever cheek he turns. Here's hoping Brown learns to do the same.

UPDATE: A witness now tells TMZ that Brown struck Ocean first after Ocean refused to shake his hand. The brawl escalated to include both of their entourages and they pretty much destroyed the lobby of the studio and terrified the staff. A receptionist called 911 and Brown left. Apparently the parking situation is also a serious bone of contention between artists, as it represents who's at the top of their game, and Brown was pissed that Ocean dissed him by taking the prime spot.

Chris Brown painting

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