Frank Ocean, you are the bigger man!

After last week's headline-grabbing battle with Chris Brown over a parking spot at a recording studio, which is easily the least cool thing you can come to blows with someone over, the critically adored singer has revealed that he will not press charges against Breezy. He is moving on and even suggested that he is forgiving Brown for jumping him.

While there was much back and forth over who started it -- like trying to decipher which kindergartener started throwing sand in the sandbox first -- with the latest pitting Brown as the suspect and Ocean as the victim, the 'Thinking About You' singer has elected to let bygones be just that.

He posted a damn near poetic update on his Tumblr, which we applaud as it shows his character. Breezy, on the other hand, painted portraits and compared himself to Jesus Christ, and earned him our nickname of Breezus Christ! He also deleted his Instagram since he was tired of the negativity.

One move was classy. The other was flashy. But both sort of achieved closure on this issue.

File closed, as a peace accord has been achieved. Maybe the can do a remix together, addressing this issue?

Rihanna. Drake. Frank Ocean. Those fights are all in the past. Who is next on the docket for Chris Brown to battle? Perhaps his reunion with Rihanna will settle him down. The love of a good woman has been known to do that.

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