July 2015 came and went, and one big question is on every Frank Ocean fan's mind: where is his new album?

The world has anxiously been awaiting to hear Ocean's follow-up to his 2012 acclaimed debut album, Channel Orange. And while in 2013, Ocean revealed that he had already finished 11 songs for his sophomore effort, the months and years have gone by without any sign that he was ready to release the compilation.

But Ocean himself provided a glimmer of hope back in April of 2015, when he hinted on his Tumblr blog that his album, titled Boys Don't Cry, would be coming in July of this year. Ocean shared a photo of possible album art and used the hashtags #boysdontcry and #july2015.

Fans became nervous over the past few weeks as July dwindled down with no announcement from Ocean. On Friday, July 31, his fans hoped that the 27-year-old artist would hold true to his promise, and that a surprise drop would happen before the clock struck midnight on Saturday, Aug. 1.

But here we are, in August, and there is no sign or announcement that Boys Don't Cry is coming anytime soon.

Fans have taken Twitter to express their disappointment over the past few days, and we can't help but feel their pain as well.


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