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'Friends' Fans Petition Netflix to Return Series to Streaming Service

A petition on Change.org has one mission: to get the television show Friends back on Netflix as soon as possible. With everyone stuck at home due to the coronavirus, Netflix is certainly bound to have an influx of users itching to binge-watch Friends. (via Change.org)

Young Patients Make Up Almost Half Those Hospitalized With COVID-19

High risk groups for the novel coronavirus include the elderly and those with preexisting medical conditions, but research shows that 48% of patients who go to intensive care are between 20 and 64 years old.

This fact should certainly stress the importance of social distancing and other health measures that have been laid out by the local government and organizations such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (via People)

With Everyone Stuck at Home, What Is There to Do?

Social distancing protocols and other preventative measures to slow the spread of COVID-19 have created blank calendar weekends for most people. So, what is there to do with all this time?

Apps like Houseparty allow group video chats where people can talk, play games and virtually hang out with each other. Some companies have created virtual happy hours for employees to take part in at the end of the week. Along with finding new ways to enjoy group activities, people are honing their skills in hobbies such as cooking and exercise. (via TMZ)

Aries, It's All About You This Month!

For the first sign of the zodiac, the month is sure to be full of new projects and the beginnings of tackling those personal goals. Both the mental and physical parts of Aries will be boosted at this time, meaning a more egocentric mentality is in store. This lends itself to a good time to start working on yourself, especially with all the time you'll most likely be spending at home. (via Cosmopolitan)

TikTok Allegedly Blocks 'Ugly,' Poor or Disabled Users

Moderators of the popular social media platform were allegedly told to filter out videos that appeared to come from people who were "ugly, poor or disabled."

Feed moderators were instructed to exclude people who had an "abnormal" body shape, were too big or too small, or had "ugly" facial features or deformities. A TikTok spokesperson stated that the social media app's goal was to prevent bullying. (via The Guardian)

'I'll Be Back...' With Food

Arnold Schwarzenegger and TikTok have teamed up to secure food for grade school students while schools are closed due to the coronavirus. TikTok is donating $3 million to provide meals to families in needs across the nation. With schools around the country closing due to the coronavirus, many children have been left without the meals they counted on during school hours. (via TMZ)

Vanessa Bryant Requests Inclusion of Youngest Child in Kobe's Trust

Vanessa Bryant recently requested a judge to amend Kobe Bryant's trust in order to provide for her youngest daughter, Capri. Since Capri was born after the most recent amendment to the trust, she was not yet included. (via TMZ)

'Friends': Then & Now

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