Yes, I understand today's Feel Good Song of the Day contradicts itself.  But to be honest, not all FGSOTD's have been "feel good."  Fuel's "Bad Day" (not to be confused with Daniel Powter's "Bad Day") was the 2001 release off the album Something Like Human.

It only hit 64 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart, not quite as popular as their biggest hit, "Hemmorage (In My Hands)" which was made even more popular when

Chris Daughtry performed this song on American Idol as a contestant in early 2006. It was during the period after longtime singer/guitarist Brett Scallions had left the group, prompting Fuel bassist Jeff Abercrombie and guitarist/songwriter Carl Bell to publicly ask Daughtry to be their new lead singer on the television show Extra. On the show Abercrombie said, "Chris, if you are watching, we've talked about this before, and if you want to entertain it again we'll take it and go..."

Daughtry, although flattered, eventually declined the offer, opting to form his own band, Daughtry, instead.