Whatever holiday you celebrate this time of year. most of us would consider ourselves pretty lucky if we loved all the gifts we received. So, what do you do if you have no desire to hang to it or re-gift it to someone else? You can try and return it, but depending on the store and the item you might have a heck of time doing so.

According to Consumer Reports : " A  2018 survey by the National Retail Federation (PDF), one-third of holiday shoppers say a store's return policy is an important factor when deciding which retailer to shop. Some retailers have a no-questions-asked policy. Others have strict rules that make returning purchases aggravating or impossible. "

Of course some stores are pickier then others where you need a receipt of some kind and or you have a limited time to return the item. The overall consensus though is electronics are the hardest to return, so note to self in the future get gift receipts for everything. Below are 4 general rules to follow when returning gifts!

  1. Don't open the box: As hard as this ay seem some retailers won't accept it if the packaging is open especially electronics.
  2. Keep those gift receipts: Make sure to check the packages thoroughly so you don't accidently throw it out.If you did not get one and they won't let you return the item you might need to muster up the courage to ask for the original receipt.
  3. Check return policies and note any time limits: Most big merchants allow up to 90 days but make sure to check this information out online or in the store. Also if you received a gift ordered on line check and see if they have a brick and mortar store in your area to return the item there versus having to ship it back.
  4. Bring ID: This seems pretty obvious, with technology these days many retailers have a way of tracking your purchases and returns just by typing in your personal information.
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