A company is looking for applicants for a beer enthusiasts dream job. The right person picked will get the chance to move to a beer lover's city and enjoy Oktoberfest with a free tab. Yep, the company will pay for your beer, give you $1,000 for travel accommodations, and pay you $2000 in wages. That doesn't seem like a bad gig at all.

The company is Move.org, and they are highlighting the best beer lover cities to move to. They want someone to move to one of these cities for a month and enjoy all the Oktober fest and beer experiences in the city. If they love it so much, they'll also give you $500 to permanently relocate there.

In our region there are two cities that make the list: Minneapolis & St. Paul. Maybe if you were looking to permanently move there anyway, this would be a nice way to work the system. Although, I am a little disappointed that our big time local craft brews and wonderful tourist area in Duluth wasn't featured. The list is compiled by the number of breweries per residents.

Other cities are across the United States and include places like San Diego, St. Louis, Madison, Pittsburg, Buffalo, and many more.

The applicant must obviously be 21 years old, legally able to work in the United States, and be a beer enthusiast. The official title for the job is Chief Beer Baron, so it's pretty fancy.

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The Chief Beer Baron will spend October in the city and afterwards fill out a questionnaire and surveys about the city. They say it would be great for someone who likes drink beer and travel, and also someone that may want to compare their own local craft beer with another place to see how it stacks up. I think we have a few people in town that may sign up for this job!

You better hurry and apply, because the deadline for applications is Friday, September 10. The application is online. Hold my beer, I'm going to sign up myself!

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