Over the weekend I tagged along with the Duluth Paranormal Society to catch some ghostly evidence on the William A. Irvin. During an EVP session in the boiler room, something happened that I will never forget.

I never really been a firm believer of the other side, but something has to be explained for the unexplainable things that happen. I was recently invited to go on the ship with DPS (Duluth Paranormal Society) to get some evidence on if it's haunted or not.

The whole ship has a creepy feel to it, but nothing compares to what happened in the boiler room. In 1964 a boiler tube broke and exploded killing William Wouri instantly. Some say he is still on board.  Watch below what happens when Chris Allen and me are doing an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) session while using the echovox.

Watch a Ghost Touch Me on The Neck

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