It is no surprise that Glensheen is the most visited historic mansion in the state of Minnesota when you consider the constant care and detailed preservation that all the staff and volunteers are known for. Plus not only do they offer a variety of tours inside the mansion they also have different events all year long making it an incredible experience on top of taking in the beauty of Glensheen inside and out.

But with a home of this magnitude of 39-rooms and 12 acres of gardens and bridges right on the shore of Lake Superior, there is obviously a lot to be maintained and sometimes restoration work which is not only time-consuming but can be very costly as well, but it needs to be done.

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The staff at Glensheen have always been able to find the experts to get the jobs done to preserve the historic nature of the mansion and this Summer on top of all the events that have had, plus weddings and special events the outside balcony and formal garden have been under a massive restoration,

The balcony is hands down one of my favorite places at the mansion as you stand in the middle up against the railings looking out on the beautiful grounds, massive fountain, and Lake Superior of course. But over time and the elements, the steps and railings needed to be repaired. Of course, this is not your run-of-the-mill balcony or steps they needed to be restored exactly as they were. Thankfully the work is being done beautifully and guests including wedding parties will be able to enjoy this part of the mansion for years to come. Check out the sped-up version below of all the work that is being done.

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