When I was growing up, we learned all about the food pyramid.  It basically shows which foods you should be eating, and how many servings each day.

With childhood obesity becoming more and more of a problem, experts are saying that the current food pyramid is confusing, and doesn't quite explain the importance of chosing whole grain bread over white bread, or chicken over bacon.

When my daughter came home from school earlier this year with her food pyramid she got to color, I was surprised that something I was taught as a kid was still in the lesson plans.  Well, not for long!

The USDA will unveil a whole new "chart" on Thursday.  It won't be a pyramid anymore, but a plate.   A "dinner plate."

It will show that 1/2 of your meal--yes, half--should be made up of fruits and vegetables.  I couldn't agree more.  But unless you have a salad for a meal--it's so easy to fill your plate with starches (my favorite!) and protein. (My second favorite!)  Oooh, and diary too.  Wow.  I'm in trouble!