It is hard to conceive how a grown man could even think of stealing anything from a child, let alone punching him in the face to get it. This horrible crime happened in Minneapolis last week.

According to WCCO TV , the young boy and his Aunt had just stepped outside of a day care building when a man rushed the child, punched him in the face and ran off with his iPad. Mohammad Armeli who works at a Greek restaurant down the street ,witnessed the assault and chased the suspect a half mile catching him, and holding him until police arrived.

The suspect 32 year old Aaron Stillday has been arrested before... 60 times! On the bright side the boy's family brought the shattered I-pad to an Apple store in Minneapolis and they replaced it for free. It is a very sad day in our society when a little kid is a target, but people like this have no moral compass, they just want to steal these high ticket items at any cost. Hopefully he will be locked up for a very long time this time!




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