Sad news for fans of Gordy's Hi-Hat. The iconic restaurant is closing up shop soon for the season.

We know that this happens every year but that doesn't make it any easier! Not only do we miss their food when they close for the season but it also means fall and winter are near and we just aren't ready for that yet.

Gordy's Hi-Hat is known for their classic menu, with cheeseburgers, fish, fries, onion rings and malts. They have become a favorite spot for locals and tourists alike and we all look forward to spring when they open their doors every year.

This year was no different, with Gordy's Hi-Hat opening for the season on March 24th. This was there 61st season in business which is pretty impressive. They have definitely gotten more creative over the years when announcing their opening date. Ha!

It seems like time has flown by since this announcement, as we now have a closing date for the season. According to a post on their Facebook page Tuesday (August 17th), Gordy's Hi-Hat will be closing for the season on Sunday, September 12th.

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When announcing their closing date, they thanked everyone for going to the establishment and supporting local businesses, especially after a year like 2020 and 2021.

It has been a bittersweet year for those that love Gordy's Hi-Hat and the namesake behind the iconic restaurant. Owner Gordy Lundquist passed away this past July. He was ninety-three years old. At the time, the family asked their loyal customers to share memories they have of him. It was a huge loss for the community.

A few months prior, Gordy's Hi-Hat caught the national spotlight once again when they were featured on Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives. This was their second time being featured on the show and it was awesome to watch! They filmed the segment the summer prior so we were all waiting to see when the episode was going to air. It finally did in late May.

Gordy's Hi-Hat also made some big changes over summer 2021, as they ditched their curbside pickup option and opted to return to their pre-COVID way of doing business instead. They offer their indoor service once again, which means you can actually walk into the restaurant to order.

Gordy's Hi-Hat is located at 411 Sunnyside Drive in Cloquet. You better feast while you can because your time to do so is limited!

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