The new executive order will try and stop the riots in Minneapolis and St. Paul this weekend.

Walz signed Executive Order 20-65 this afternoon that will place a temporary curfew on the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul for tonight starting at 8 PM and ending at 6 AM, the curfew will also be in effect for Saturday night during the same times.

No travel will be allowed on Minneapolis or St. Paul streets during this time except for first responders, members of the media, people going to or from work, people seeking emergency care or fleeing danger, and the homeless.

“It’s time to rebuild our community and that starts with safety in our streets,” said Governor Walz in a press release. “Thousands of Minnesotans have expressed their grief and frustration in a peaceful manner. But the unlawful and dangerous actions of others, under the cover of darkness, has caused irreversible pain and damage to our community. This behavior has compromised the safety of bystanders, businesses, lawful demonstrators, and first responders. Now, we come together to restore the peace.”

The state has activated the Multi-Agency Command Center which will coordinate the state's law enforcement and public safety agencies during this weekend's activities.

This order comes after three nights of rioting and looting in both cities, and some suburbs that have left hundreds of destroyed businesses, countless fires and other destructive activity in response to the death of George Floyd while in the custody of the Minneapolis Police Department.

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