The days of old ladies tooling around in a Buick Skylark while barely able to see above the steering wheel are over.

These two ladies were given the keys to a Lamborghini, which they used to tool around Los Angeles running errands. They are most definitely having the time of their lives and their enthusiasm is infectious (even if they have a tough time putting it into reverse while pulling out of the driveway).

Sure, watching them struggle to find room in the Lambo to put groceries is reminiscent of everyone's grandparents trying to figure out how to use a VCR in the '80s, but that's okay.

And while they say chicks dig dudes with cool cars, we can't help think the opposite is true when the gentleman caller shows up in the parking lot asking if there's room in the Lamborghini for him.

The clip ends with a profound question: would you let your grandma drive a Lamborghini? Sure, as long as we're not the ones who own it, right?

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