We are less than 80 days until the 45th running of Grandma's Marathon, and today we got a look at the 2021 medal.

The medal features the Grandma's Marathon logo in green, orange and yellow colored font across the bottom with three runners at the top of the medal. The medal boldly acknowledges the 45th anniversary of the race. The half-marathon design is similar to the full marathon medal.

Grandma's Marathon will be run June 19th and will still have a good deal of COVID-19 safety protocols in place, including only half the normal entries as a normal year, but it's better than having to cancel the event for the second year in a row.

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There will also be other measures in place including limiting bus trips to the starting line to only 25 people, a rolling start where participants will enter a start corral and have staggered start times and lanes to separate the runners that will be released five at a time. Plus, face coverings will be required at all times when not running in the any of the races.

At this time there is no Rock The Big Top event planned for this year, Grandma's Marathon says on their website, "Due to the circumstances surrounding the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Big Top Tent Entertainment has been suspended at this time."

Also, don't plan to hang out in Canal Park before or after the race, Grandma's Marathon is saying that it is "likely that spectators and other visitors will be discouraged from gathering."

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