Many people have heard the story of a gentleman who was walking his dog by Brighton Beach a few weeks ago when it ran in the woods, only to be attacked and killed by a by a Timberwolf, apparently some wolves are also by the Lester River area.

We all know that living in Duluth, even in the city, mother nature is close by. With the lakes, streams and woods you need to be vigilant with your pets and children too. Yes it is beautiful, but it can be very dangerous. I had this video shared on my Facebook timeline by many people since we live in the area and have small dogs .

I am not posting this to cause alarm it is just a reminder to be careful and cautious. This could happen anywhere in the area, but seems very prevalent lately in the Lester River area. You can see it was a deer that was killed in the background, and the woman that made this video spotted a wolf and ran back to the Lester River playground to safety. Please be aware of this when on the trails by yourself or with your pets and keep your dogs on a leash!

About half a mileUp trail from Lester park along the Lester river- i really wasnt too worried despite the sightings of...

Posted by Martha Dwyer on Friday, February 26, 2016