Everyone knows that first impressions last a life time, so make it a good one. And guys, if you are having your girlfriend over  to your place for the first time, for gods sake clean the place up!

I know first hand what pigs guys can be, having had male and female roommates, but on the positive side a guy won't give you the silent treatment for days when you ask them to pick up after themselves.

I happened upon this article, to alert guys as to what are the biggest turn offs to women, as far as their messy home or apartment, and here are a few of my favorites.

* Plates left out on tables coated with remnants of unknown sauce-like substances.

* Moist and moldy bath towels.

* Sink sponges that are so covered in crud that they belong in the trash.

* Raw food sitting on a plate exposed inside the fridge. You are not making us want to eat your cooking.

* Rainbow-colored mold inside the toilet.

*  Sweaty bed sheet stink.

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