UPDATE: It's here — listen now!

All week, singer/actress Hailee Steinfeld has been tweeting us crumbs in anticipation of tomorrow's release of her new single "Most Girls." If it's anything like last week's drop of her collaboration with Machine Gun Kelly on "At My Best," it's sure to be a success.

At first, Steinfeld shared mere puzzle piece pictures of the "Most Girls" album cover, which actually prompted one fan to ask whether the unidentifiable photos were accidental uploads. Steinfeld had replied with a devil emoji, answering, "No, I'm leaving it up to you to piece it together."

We finally got a glimpse of the full "Most Girls" imagery on Monday, April 24, followed by a byte of the song straight from the producer's studio on Tuesday, April 25.
Most girls / work hard / go far / we are unstoppable."

It's been fun putting the mystery of "Most Girls" together, and we're excited for tomorrow's full release. Thanks for entertaining us, Hailee!

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