Obsessive fans of Broadway’s Hamilton who’ve been patiently waiting for a “Hamilfilm” to emerge finally got the definitive answer of when and where it’s coming. The movie of Hamilton will be released by Disney in the fall of 2021.

The news was announced on Twitter by Hamilton creator and original star Lin-Manuel Miranda:

The press release that accompanied the news notes that the film was shot in 2016, with the Broadway musical’s original cast. It touts the movie as...

...a leap forward in the art of ‘live capture.’ This movie transports its audience into the world of the Broadway show in a uniquely intimate way. Combining the best elements of live theater and film, the result is a cinematic stage performance that is a wholly new way to experience Hamilton. 

It’s not yet clear exactly how the film was recorded, or how this would differ from your standard recorded version of a Broadway show. The original Broadway director, Thomas Kail, is also the director of the Hamilton film.

For years, I’ve wondered how Miranda and his collaborators would adapt such a brilliant stage play for the cinema. And the answer seems like ... they basically won’t? Or at least this won’t be your typical movie musical — like In the Heights, based on one of Miranda’s other works, that takes a show off the stage and out into the real world. (That film opens in theaters this summer.) Still, Hamilton is a great show, and as someone who didn’t get to see it with the original cast, I am excited to see them in the film.

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