A bill is moving forward that would make it illegal to talk on a cellphone in your hand while driving in the State of Minnesota. A conference committee on the bill unanimously passed it with their support. Now it goes back to the House and Senate for final votes. Governor Tim Walz has said he will sign the bill.

So what does this mean? According to the Duluth News Tribune, it would be required by law to use a hands free device if you use your cellphone in your vehicle. Using your phone for navigation would still be allowed as long as you are not holding your phone. You will still be allowed to listen to audio based content on your phone as well if you are not holding it.

Fines for first time offenders for talking on your phone would be $50. The next violation goes up to $275.

Also on Monday the Minnesota Senate passed a different bill that makes the penalties for distracted driving and texting and driving. The first time fine would increase to $150. The second offense would be $300.


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