Nothing screams a perfect Christmas present like a singing telegram, right?

Since Harry Styles and Taylor Swift spent the holiday apart with their respective families (following their ski trip in Utah), Styles thought it'd be a great idea to gift Swift with something she'd never forget: a singing telegram of One Direction's 'What Makes You Beautiful,' sung in a country style, no less.

Of course, Swift had a pretty great sense of humor about the whole thing. How could you not, right? We wouldn't mind a singing telegram of that song. Not to mention that he planned the entire surprise before flying back to England for the holidays. She should be so lucky to have a guy as thoughtful as that. He's probably already planning her Valentine's Day gift!

And while the two lovebirds were sadly miles and miles away for Christmas, the two managed to spend a little quality time together via Skype, as most couples would in a long distance relationship. But not only did they talk, they opened presents together using the webcam device.

Aren't they the cutest?

Watch the One Direction 'What Makes You Beautiful' Video

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