We have to give hard-earned and much-deserved credit to Lady Gaga‘s little monsters. They are an enterprising, creative and fact-finding bunch. A few monstery sleuths may have unearthed the name of Lady Gaga’s next single, which would likely be from the new album, the title of which she will reveal this September.

A Gaga-themed Tumblr has suggested that ‘White Rose Thorns’ may be the name of her new song, piecing together this information from peripheral and direct tweets, photos and past Gaga interviews.

First, producer Fernando Garibay tweeted a not-so-cryptic phrase on March 26, two days before Gaga’s 26th birthday, posting: “Anyone can love a rose…it takes a great heart to include the thorns…” He followed it on May 3, with “Like a rose with it’s thorns…” So either he’s really into flowers or he is dropping hints about a sample, a title or a lyrical theme.

The Mother Monster, who has been sharing photos with great regularity while on tour in Asia for her massive Born This Way Ball trek, has posted images featuring white roses quite a bit. There is one sprawled on her laptop and she’s sniffing one, which you can see below.

Adding to the intrigue, Gaga has spoken about the late Princess Diana and indicated that she was writing a song about the woman called “England’s Rose” by Elton John at her memorial service. Di also loved white roses.

While at first, this could seem like a stretch, the little monsters may be onto something. What do you think?

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