If you have an old computer, television, cell phone, or tablet lying around at home that you want to get rid of, Douglas County residents will have an opportunity to get rid of it for free at an event in October.

Properly disposing of "e-waste" is important for a number of reasons. As WLSSD explains, devices like electronics cannot be thrown out. Properly recycling these devices prevents environmental impacts, protects your personal data that may be on the devices, and allows for the recycling of materials in these devices.

While some items can be recycled for free (or accepted by retailers like Best Buy, which have recycling programs), many items in the e-waste category actually cost money to dispose of.

Douglas County and Washburn County will be holding free recycling events for certain e-waste items in early October. Accepted items during this free event include computers and peripherals, televisions and peripherals, and mobile devices like phones and tablets.

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In the information shared by Douglas County, staff at these collection events will "do all of the heavy lifting once you arrive", allowing you to stay in your vehicle while staff take your unwanted or broken electronics.

They explain that all personal data on any of these devices will be 100% securely destroyed while materials will be recycled to the highest standards.

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The Washburn County event will be on Saturday, October 7 from 9 am to 1 pm at the county fairgrounds in Spooner.

The Douglas County event will be on Sunday, October 8 from 9 am to 1 pm at the Head of the Lakes Fairgrounds in Superior.

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