The Center For Missing & Exploited Children works tirelessly to keep track of missing children across the United States. Sadly, it's a task that seems to get more challenging by the year.

Every state has list of children that remain missing, with more added to the list each and every year. The families of every missing child is living their worst nightmare. However, they never give up hope and neither should we.

Please take some time and look at each child below. Perhaps you've seen one of these kids without realizing they were missing, perhaps you can help reunite a family.

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Have You Seen Them? 36 Children Remain Missing From Minnesota

Having a child go missing is the worst nightmare for every parent. Tragically, many Minnesota families continue to live that nightmare.

As of August 10, 2021, there are still 36 children missing from Minnesota and 11 of these kids have gone missing in 2021 alone.

Please take a close look at each child's photo, courtesy of the National Center For Missing & Exploited Children, read each description and share this post everywhere.

All it takes to get them home is for one person to cross paths with a missing child and make that call.

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