The Federal Trade Commision defines Cyber Bullying as bullying or harassment that happens online and everyday thousands of kids are subjected to it.

Thankfully when are kids were younger they were not exposed to very much on the Internet, they had cell phones by a certain age but not smartphones. Now that they are older teenagers they may still be subjected to it but, are more mature in the ability to deal with it versus the vulnerable grade school and middle school days.

Not to say that adults are not cyber bullied, of course some are but I found this article really interesting to keep the lines of communication open with your kids.

Tips to help prevent Cyberbullying:

  • Talk to your kids about cyberbullying. Stress to your kids the ramifications of being the bully and being bullied themselves. Also make sure to check your kids accounts frequently.
  • Recognize the signs. Look for signs from your child of bullying.
  • Help stop it! Encourage your child to try and intervene if they witness Cyberbullying by not sharing what was said. It usually will die off quickly if they do not have support from their peers.

What to do about a Cyberbully: 

  • Don't react to the Bully: Try and keep a cool head, which as a parent can be very hard. Tell your child not to respond and feed into it and if continues contact the school or authorities.
  • Protect Your Child's Profile: If a fake one has been made or altered take it down immediately and contact the web site that it originates from.
  • Block or Delete the Bully: This applies to phone calls and text messages as well.

We live in a world where people and even kids can be really mean, and these Cyberbully's feel invincible behind a keyboard. If you have an open line of communication with your kids and they feel safe and secure talking to you about this subject they may have a better chance of not being bullied themselves.



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