Many Northlanders are still reeling from the storm that literally blew through the area early Friday morning. For some like myself the worst of it is still no power, but for hundreds it is blown down trees and damage to their property. We all want a quick fix, but do your homework first.

Below is a very comprehensive list of helpful hints from Angie's List to help you avoid getting ripped off.

  1. Avoid door-to-door solicitors
  2. Be present for inspections
  3. Don't tell bidding contractors what your insurance company will cover
  4. Always get multiple estimates
  5. Check out details about the company and visit their office
  6. Check the contractor's license
    1. Look Up Minnesota licensed contractors here
    2. Look Up Wisconsin licensed contractors here
  7. Verify bonding and insurance
  8. Avoid large down payments and do not pay in full up front
  9. Don't sign away your homeowners insurance upfront
  10. Make sure to get a lien waiver when the job is complete
  11. Know your contract rights
  12. Always pull permits

For more detailed information on these tips Click Here