Demi Lovato has been spotted hanging out with a mystery man since leaving rehab this month—but just who is Henry Levy?

"We've learned Demi and Henry went to an AA meeting Sunday night -- he's been in and out of rehab since he was a teen. We're told Demi and Henry actually met a few years back when both were in rehab," TMZ wrote about their blossoming friendship earlier this week.

The pair were spotted chatting over coffee in West Hollywood after the meeting. Lovato, 26, was photographed with her arm around Levy's waist, which TMZ suggests is a sign that their bond is rooted in more than just sober companionship.

Their outing came on the coattails of a shared dinner between the musician and designer known professionally as Henri Alexander on Saturday night (November 3) at Matsuhisa in Beverly Hills. Their companionship left Lovatics buzzing about the possibility of a budding romance, but a source told ET Online that Lovato and Levy are nothing more than friends.

"Demi is taking the proper measures to ensure her sobriety," the insider alleged.

The pop star and clothing designer became close following her near-fatal July 24 overdose, bonding over their shared experiences with addiction. Levy opened up to Complex about his sobriety in 2016, revealing that he "was caught up in drugs" in high school.

He went to rehab for the first time at 15 years old, attending Visions Adolescent Treatment in Malibu, California. Levy later spent time at celebrity-frequented facilities like Cirque Lodge in Utah and Promises in Malibu.

Levy, 27, told Complex it wasn't until he entered a Betty Ford treatment center in Hazelden, Oregon that he was able to get his life back on track.

"That's when it was on some not-flossy s---," he said. "Like, came out and was sleeping in a bunk bed with a bunch of 50-year-old meth addicts trying to recover. And that's when I started coming up with the idea for the brand."

He started Enfants Riches Deprime, popular among celebrities like Justin Bieber, Travis Scott and Jared Leto, in 2012. The brand is known for its avant-garde, punk-inspired pieces, which sell in limited quantities for extremely high prices.

The punk influence comes from Levyy's own love of the punk music scene, which he told Complex he discovered as a privileged 11-year-old, claiming it helped him reconcile his pent up angst.

"You hear about punk, it's very blue collar," the young designer told the outlet. "'We're angry at, you know, like, corporations!' But for me, I'm angry at my parents for sending me to this place for a f---ing year. I'm angry at the f---ing people in the rehab for telling me what to f---ing do all the time. I'm angry at my teachers and principals for kicking me out of every school I go to and not understanding me. That was, for me, my relationship with punk and that attitude."

But Levy's brand has also been the center of some serious controversy. Enfants Riches Deprime has come under fire for selling T-shirts emblazoned with controversial slogans, like "My Nazi Parents."

They also made headlines for selling a cashmere noose for $7,000 – a decision Levy defended in a 2016 interview with The Guardian.

"If you were going to kill yourself, wouldn't you want to do it with a $7,000 cashmere noose?" he asked at the time.

He made headlines again in 2016 when well-known punk band Black Anvil called the brand "wack" on Instagram after Kim Kardashian was seen wearing a leather jacket from the line. Henry defended his work in an expletive-filled Instagram comment which, according to Noisey, read: "Ur such a p---y. Look how much I control your emotions that u made a whole post about my work."

"Little b---h a-- Punk police. I will rape and exploit and pillage whatever I want and I will sell it for thousands while u sit here and just feed me more attention. Know your place u stupid f---," he allegedly continued.

Neither Lovato nor Levy has commented on the nature of their relationship.

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