If you don't know how to cook, don't worry - it seems you're not alone! According to CNBC, searches using the word "recipe" are at an all time high.

This isn't a huge surprise. We are all stuck inside due to COVID-19 which means we all have a lot more time to pick up a new skill, cook a fancy meal or just cook at all instead of going out.

So what recipes are the most popular during the pandemic? Google Trends tracked searches beginning the first of March when all of this started and crafted a list of the ten most popular recipes.

The most popular search right now is none other than banana bread. It seems many of us have had a craving for it and have decided to act!

Pancake recipes came in at number two, followed by chicken recipes, pizza dough recipes and brownie recipes rounding out the top five.

The sixth most popular recipe is for crepes, followed by meatloaf. French toast, lasagna and cheesecake round out the top five.

Like I said, we all have much more time on our hands than usual, which means we have time to make things we would usually buy - like pizza dough.

I'm hungry!

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