Hermantown High School announced that they will be holding an in person graduation ceremony at the DECC on June 6. With Governor Walz loosening restrictions on public gatherings and venues, Hermantown High School decided to commit to the ceremony.

According to WDIO Hermantown Community Schools Superintendent Wayne Whitman said:

With the new announcement what we're looking at doing is renting space down at the DECC in Duluth, we believe the capacity is going to be right around 1200. You know we're still working out the tentative details, but we believe with a graduating class of about 170 that would hold the guests that would attend.

Now that the date and venue is set many details still need to be ironed out to make sure that the students and audience members will remain safe and socially distanced.

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Superintendent John Magas of Duluth Public Schools has also acknowledged that he is confident they will have in person graduation as well. He is not prepared to make an official announcement just yet until they have more details put together on how they will do the ceremony as far as set up to make sure all precautions are followed.

This is such huge news for graduating Seniors I felt so bad for all those students last year. When you think about the last four years of your life have led up to this moment and for some students who do not pursue more schooling this is there last chance at a graduation ceremony. Hopefully other schools in the area will follow suit so all the students get the graduation they deserve.

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