OK, I can't take it anymore, I've been cut off one too many times by drivers who don't understand what the meaning of a yield sign is.

I wonder if some drivers think that a yield sign and a merge sign are basically the same, they are not, they are in fact VERY different and during times of heavy road construction, the yield sign is often used more than a merge sign.

Just so we are clear, a yield sign means just what it is called, you are supposed to yield, or give the right of way to other traffic before you move into traffic, these are used in spots where there is not enough room for traffic to safety merge together. A merge sign is generally used when there is plenty of room for traffic to merge together smoothly without stopping.

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For instance, right now when you leave Superior to go over the Blatnik Bridge there is a yield sign, in fact, there are 2 giant signs telling traffic from Highway 53 to yield to the traffic entering the bridge from I-535/Hammond Ave., the problem is, only about 25% of the vehicles actually pay attention, just about every day I'm having to slam on my brakes to avoid hitting someone who is merging vs. yielding to the traffic.

And I love when they get mad at me for honking at them like I was supposed to stop for them, I just got a middle finger present this morning from a driver who wasn't paying attention or had no idea what a yield sign is. I know it may take a whopping 20-30 seconds to wait for an opening to merge into, but taking the time could help avoid a costly accident.

Here is a perfect example of this happening in almost the same setup as the yield signs in Superior, the language used is also very similar to what comes out of my mouth when this happens.

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