As anyone who has driven near Essentia Health in Duluth recently knows, it can be a challenge to navigate. Roads that used to open are closed or limited and you can easily end up driving into a dead end situation. Don't expect the challenges to ease as the project moves forward.

As construction continues near Essentia Health, a new phase is set to begin that will force an intersection near the downtown Duluth campus to close altogether and that closure is expected to last for several weeks.

According to Essentia Health, the intersection of Second Street and Sixth Avenue East will close beginning Tuesday, October 19.  Ahead of this closure, crews will complete paving work on Fifth Avenue East to allow for the reopening of that roadway.

They add that during this infrastructure-improvement project, which runs through November, patient drop-off and pick-up will require extra time at Essentia. Patients and visitors are urged to be patient and take the necessary steps to arrive early for all appointments.

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You can click on the button below to monitor current routes, parking and patient drop-off sites. It also provides a preview of what lies ahead with the Essentia Health construction project, including any future road closures or detours that Essentia patients and Northland residents can expect.

The intersection of Second Street and Sixth Avenue East will reopen the week of November 22.

If you plan on visiting any medical facility in the Northland, it's a great idea to first also check to see what their current policies are regarding COVID-19. A mask will likely be b required and other restrictions may also be in place.

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