Our wet, wintry spring has been a buzzkill for much of the Northland. From slippery roads, heavy snow removal and temporary natural surface trail closures, I think everyone is ready for real spring to arrive.

Before that happens the City of Duluth has announced another wet spring inconvenience will continue for awhile, and that is the closure of portions of Skyline Parkway.

The says that in coordination with the Parks and Recreation Division, and with the influx of rain and snow these past weeks, they are postponing vehicular access to several sections of Skyline Parkway.

The City closes these sections of roadway annually in the winter and reopens them conditions permitting each spring. Of course, with our unpredictable spring weather, when these roads will be reopened always comes with a certain degree of uncertainty.

The portions of roads that will remain closed include:

  • Skyline Parkway from 0.4 miles east of Glenwood Street to Maxwell Road
  • Seven Bridges Road from Lakeview Chalet to Maxwell Road
  • Maxwell Road from Skyline Parkway to Oak Street
  • Skyline Parkway from 0.3 miles south of 100th Avenue West to the city limits
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The first three road segments are located at the east end of Skyline Parkway, generally from the Lakeview Chalet on Seven Bridges Road to the Hawk Ridge overlook. The last-named segment is at the extreme western end of Skyline Parkway beyond
Spirit Mountain, reaching the city limits.

The City anticipates that these road closures will remain until Tuesday, May 31. Of course, that is weather permitting, but we should be good by then.

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