Spooky season is officially here and with that, it's more appropriate than ever to look at some seemingly haunted places in the Northland and beyond. Did you know one of the most haunted places in the state is just a short drive from Duluth?

There are many haunted places in Duluth and Minnesota in general. One of the most haunted places in the state is the Forepaugh House. The house is located in St. Paul and was eventually turned into an upscale restaurant, which closed a few years back.

Another great example of a haunted estate is the Palmer House Hotel in Sauk Centre. Located just a few hours from Duluth, the hotel is built in the same spot as a different hotel that burned down decades earlier. That means there is a whole lot of history in the spot.

I went there once and I did not sleep at all. It is definitely haunted and is so famous for being haunted that it has been on a handful of national shows, including Hotel Paranormal and Ghost Adventures.

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You don't have to head to any of those places if you want a good haunting. Apparently, one of the most haunted places in the state is located in Hibbing. If you guessed the Greyhound Bus Museum, you'd be right.

The museum might seem a bit random when it comes to being haunted but it has a long and storied history. According to Haunted Rooms, staff at the museum know of at least one ghost that haunts a particular area of the museum. The Scenic Cruise 4501 is "home to a spirit" that opens and closes the door of the bus. Gulp.

As if that isn't horrifying enough, the website also shares that there is a ghost of a little girl that haunts the museum and there have been shadow creatures spotted around one particular bus. I can't lie, looking at some photos does make this seem even more believable.

Upon further research, it makes sense that the museum might be haunted. Their website states that there are seventeen different buses on display and all of them are historical in one way or another. With history comes a few ghosts, right?

There are also "hundreds" of memorabilia pieces and artifacts on display, which are also tied to moments in history. According to internet legend, windows and doors on the buses open up themselves and at night, there have been reports of mechanic noises being made near certain buses.

As for the ghost that haunts a particular area of the museum, legend has it that it is the ghost of a young girl with long black hair and a pink dress. She loves to play in the museum and if you leave candy out for her, it will be gone in the morning. Now that is just plain scary.

As if all of this does not have you convinced just yet, look no further than the neighbor of the Greybound Bus Museum: a cemetery. That just speaks for itself. If you want to learn a little history and get a little scare, hit the road to Hibbing. Just pack some extra underwear. Ha!

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