A 41 Year Old Elk River mans has not been charged as of yet but Minneapolis Police are investigating him for allegedly hiding cameras inside dressing rooms at the Mall of America in Bloomington and possibly Maplewood Mall as well . He was arrested back in September with the help of a store manager.

According to details found in a search warrant affidavit the suspect used cameras that could be operated remotely using a cellphone. Authorities also allege that he targeted stores frequented by young girls, like forever 21 and Hollister. Apparently he would mount a fake shelf on the wall and set up the camera on the bottom of the shelf.

These kind of awful stories show just how vulnerable the general public can be. My question is how in the heck was he able to get into these dressing rooms to begin with and then carrying a shelf?  This is a good reminder for us all to be aware of your surroundings especially in areas like this. Something like this could happen anywhere.

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