Another tragic story of a woman who disappeared, leaving concerned friends and family wondering what possibly could have happened to her? On April 30 Milwaukee police stopped by Emily Roger's apartment for a welfare check after friends had not heard from her in a few days. Rogers reportedly told a friend that she planned to break up with her boyfriend and the father of her baby.

According to CBS58 Detectives Obtained a Facebook Message Roger sent to a friend dated April 27  at 9:43 pm she wrote: " He showed up here" and "I literally had to force him to leave. The person responded, "U Ok?" and Rogers replied, "Not exactly," later saying, "I'll call you in a minute" and "if I can."

Detectives spoke with a neighbor who said they saw Roger's boyfriend 35-year-old Nicholas Matzen, with scratches on his face. When asked what happened he said their dog had done it. Neither Rogers nor Matzen owns a dog.

Police then spoke to another individual who received a very disturbing phone call from Matson who reportedly stated to them  "I [explicit] up, I hurt her" and said that Rogers was dead." The complaint against Matson states that he found out she was talking to another man and told his friend that he broke her neck.

Another individual that was questioned by police stated that Matson reached out to him for help and he helped him carry her body out of the house and take it to an industrial park. Officers found Roger's body in a slightly wooded area under a Christmas tree that had been disposed of.

When questioned by police Matson told them that on April 27 the day he was released from jail he met with Rogers at their home and she told him that things were not working out between them and he left for 20-30 minutes to get some air and when he came home Roger's was gone. An autopsy revealed that Rogers died of asphyxia and was ruled a homicide.

Matson's initial court appearance was May 11 and his bail was set at $500,000. He is being charged with first-degree reckless homicide and hiding a corpse. His next court appearance will be on May 19.

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