A mother from Zimmerman, Minnesota population 6,189 seems like a place where there would be very little violent crime, but she became a victim at the hands of a horrible man. Billi Jo Kruse, was on her way to work as a surgery technician when she was rear-ended by a truck. She was hit so hard that her back window shattered and the truck ended up in a ditch.

Initially, the driver approached Kruse and was apologetic asking if she was o.k. Kruse noticed the driver was shivering and asked him if he wanted to come to sit in her car and warm up as she was on the phone calling 911. That is when everything went terribly wrong. According to her Go Fund Me Page:

The man disconnected the call to 911. And to her horror; It only got worse from there. The seatbelt had locked from the impact; so Billi Jo could hardly move. When the man began his assault; she could hardly move to defend herself. By the time he had gotten her seatbelt undone and the door open to push her out of the car; he had beaten her face so badly that she will need a lot of dental work... the man not only hit her; he bit her, and he pulled her hair with some of it out.

The man then tossed her from her car and her arm was caught in the seatbelt as the man drove off dragging her down the road. Somehow her arm came free as she lay on the side of the road severely injured. Thankfully a good samaritan stopped by to help her until the police arrived.

Kruse's mom started the fundraiser for Billi Jo who will be out of work for at least four weeks because of her concussion, she also needs to see a Neurologist and a Trauma Therapist, and she needs a lot of dental repair work. She also needs a new vehicle the man that stole her car trashed it.

According to Star News, the suspect is 54-year-old Edward James Lafore Jr., from Foley Minnesota. "He is charged with five felonies, including aggravated robbery in the second degree, punishable by 15 years in prison or a $30,000 fine or both."

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