In 2023, Minnesota had just over 1 carjacking per day for a total of 371, but when do most carjackings happen, and when are you most likely to be a victim of this crime? You might be surprised about the day and time.

Injuries and Weapons Used in Carjackings

The good news is that none of the carjackings in 2023 resulted in victims being fatally injured, in fact, in a majority of the reported carjackings, 334 involved no injuries, and 81 had just minor injuries.

Most carjackings involve the use of a weapon, 207 of the carjackings included the use of a handgun, other weapons used are knifes, blunt objects and what are called "personal weapons."

The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension tracks this data from agencies across the state and are compiled and made available in the Minnesota Crime Data Explorer Tool, the data is very in-depth and includes victim and offender demographics, and other data about specific crimes.


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When Do Most Carjackings Happen?

The month with the least carjackings in 2023 was June, with 23 reported incidents, the most popular month to carjack is September, with double the amount of June, with a total of 46 carjackings.

It should come as little shock that most carjackings happen in the evening, almost 1/3rd of them happen between 8 PM and Midnight, with the times of 4 PM to 8 PM and Midnight to 4 AM being virtually tied for the second most popular timeframes for carjackings.

The stats show that Sunday is the busiest day for carjackings with a total of 62, followed by Monday with 57. Thursday had the least carjackings with a total of 46, but the day and time with the most carjackings is surprisingly Tuesday's between 8 PM and Midnight, 17 carjackings happened during that time, closely followed by Sunday's from 4 PM to 8 PM.

Where Are Most Carjackings Happening?

Of the 371 reported carjackings, a whopping 304 of them were in Hennepin County (Minneapolis), and 52 were in Ramsey County (St. Paul), leaving only 15 carjackings among all the other Minnesota counties, no carjackings were reported in St. Louis County in 2023.

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