Carjacking has become a big problem in Minneapolis and law enforcement has had enough.

The Minneapolis Police Department teamed up with the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office, and the Minnesota State Patrol for a 3-day operation from January 26th - 28th to go after individuals responsible for a string of violent robberies and carjackings in areas of South Minneapolis.

Law enforcement used helicopters provided by the Minnesota State Patrol to circle the problem areas to track down suspects and gather intel. In total, 46 arrests were made, including 69 felony charges. Law enforcement also seized 15 firearms and 12 stolen vehicles, 6 of which that were occupied when officers recovered them, presumably by the people who stole them.

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Some of the felony charges could include carjacking, drugs and weapons violations, auto theft and fleeing police. In 2020 Minneapolis saw a 301% increase in carjackings over 2019 with a total of 405.

“Our objective is simple: to protect innocent people from becoming victims of extremely violent crime,” said Hennepin County Sheriff David Hutchinson. “This joint operation, like the one before it, was targeted and laser focused at getting the most serious criminals off our streets.”

Minneapolis Police did a similar operation in December that resulted in 41 arrests and the recovery of seven stolen vehicles, five guns and a pipe bomb.

Just as the latest operation was wrapping up, WCCO reports that last week there were 8 carjackings in just a 48-hour timeframe, leaving some people asking if the extra effort is doing any good? One commenter on a Minneapolis Police Facebook post about the latest arrests says, "Great work! But I have the same question, how many are actually in jail? Your hard work should not be wasted on a weak justice system!!!"

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