Almost everyone was shocked by Miley Cyrus lighting up on stage at the MTV EMAs. While I am not about to get into whether or not her decision was right or wrong, I do want to pose this question: why a successful and wealthy young celebrity like Miley Cyrus using a cheap, everyday lighter?

I don't know why, but her lighter of choice is more "shocking" to me than the fact that Miley did something in public that we've known for some time that she does in private. If I were so inclined to use a lighter in front of a large group of people, I would probably use something a little more showy than a green BIC.

Is it a matter of maintaining "commoner" status? Are they just the most convenient for young, on-the-go celebrities looking to light up on stage? I don't really get it.

While I don't condone Miley's decision to toke up on stage in the first place, I feel the need to offer some better alternatives than the lighter she chose.

  • JXWWY on Etsy
    JXWWY on Etsy

    Lighter Ring

    What better option is there for a celebrity on the go than a wearable lighter?

  • tkimmy on Etsy
    tkimmy on Etsy

    Pistol Lighter

    The shock value on stage would have been cranked up a notch if Miley pulled out a gun lighter.

  • Rockyart on Etsy
    Rockyart on Etsy

    Turntable Lighter

    There aren't many better smoking accessories for a musician than a turntable lighter, right?

  • TwoRoadsDesigns on Etsy
    TwoRoadsDesigns on Etsy

    Batman Zippo

    Zippo = classy. Batman Zippo = classy badass.

  • SakatanLeather on Etsy
    SakatanLeather on Etsy

    Dress Up the BIC

    If you're going to use a BIC, why not bedazzle it or get a sweet cover?

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