Although he's had some collaborations in the past few years, Justin Timberlake hasn't had a solo single since riding the charts in 2007 with hits like "What Goes Around..." and "Summer Love." To be even more technical, those songs came off the 2006 FutureSex/LoveSounds album, meaning it has been a 5-year run free of new solo Justin music (some may be happy about this, but that's another story). Timberlake fans have been growing restless, and apparently his blossoming acting career isn't calming fans fearing the Timber-lake has dried up.

Reacting to the situation, fans have banded together to express their concern - and the world's need for new Justin Timberlake tunes. In a funny Public Service Announcement-styled message, fans plead with his Justin-ness to walk away from acting and go back to his roots. No, not the frosted curly ones he sported in the  Bye Bye Bye video, but that of his singing career. Check out the video below.


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