So it's about time that I go shopping for the most dreaded thing ever on my

list.  A new swimsuit.

I shudder even thinking about it.  Pretty sure I'm not the only one.

According to a survey done by Fitness magazine, 37% of women said they would love to have Jennifer Aniston's beach body.

27% said Jennifer Lopez

20% said Beyonce

11% said Cameron Diaz

I guess 11% of women are really afraid of falling out of their bathing suit tops and would rather have the girls a little smaller to avoid that.

Personally, I'd rather just keep my own body, no matter how out of shape it is.  But hypothetically, if I had to choose one, I'd have to say Beyonce.  She's hot!

Which beach body would you choose?  One of these ladies, or someone who didn't make the list?

What about guys?  I think I've found a topic for my next blog...