Travel from the comfort of your couch and take an interactive tour anywhere in the world with this new service.

Amazon Explore is a new service being offered by the internet retailer, and it allows you to book personal and group tours with professional guides from around the globe. You can either do a sightseeing tour, or you can do some shopping, just click on a product while your guide walks around a market or a store in another country, pay for it through Amazon and the item will be shipped to you.

They also offer classes and visits with artisans that can custom make you a product that you would only be able to get if you visited them in person, now you can watch them from your home halfway across the world.

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Tours range anywhere from $15 to around $100, check the sale area for good deals. My first adventure was to the Toucan Rescue Ranch in San Jose, Costa Rica, let's take a look at what we saw.

How I Got a Personal Tour and Met This Toucan in Costa Rica from Duluth

I found this cool new service from Amazon called Amazon Explore, and it allows you to book personal guided tours around the world, my first was a trip to meet some animals in Costa Rica.

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