A new report is looking into our online habits - for better or for worse!

A report by Verizon Specials looked into how much time people in each state spend online and in front of their television and it looks like Minnesotans may want to find a new hobby or two.

According to the report, Minnesota ranks #34 in the nation for television consumption. Not bad when you take the rest of the country into consideration.

We fared much worse when it comes to how much time we spend on our computer. Apparently, the average Minnesotan spends about one hour and twenty minutes on their computer every day. This doesn't include being on your computer for work.

Wisconsinites spend more time on their computer than us, averaging over an hour and thirty minutes on top of any work-related computer usage.

The study aimed to prove that the amount of time you spend on the computer is influenced heavily by where you live, using data from 2013 to 2017.

In case you're curious, Americans spend about 90 minutes on average on their computer each day. Delaware residents spend the least amount of time online while Alaskans and Arkansas residents spent the most.

The more you know!

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