With all the current woes in the NFL right now, some fans at a Arizona Cardinals game proved that violence can spread to the stands as well. This video is from last October and it ended up in a bloody brawl!

We all know that person that really gets into the games, Vikings, Green Bay Packers or whoever your team is. Every play, every fumble or touchdown, it is like the end of life as we know it. Now I understand a sense of being passionate, but come on, some people take this stuff way to far.

Case and point, these fans in Arizona  ended up in a brutal brawl with some San Fransisco 49er fans. Women and men were punching and even some of the Security guards got hit.  I hope that everyone involved in this video and feels completely ashamed, this is awful. Just another example how alcohol and a big mouth or mouths can turn a day upside down!

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