Ahhh...Solitaire.  How many times do you pretend you're working hard, when really a game of solitaire gives you the furrowed brow that passes as studying an Excel spreadsheet?  Probably more times than you care to admit.  For those who love to win, I found a tutorial online, that boasts the ability to win at Solitaire every time!

This video is long, and the commentary is relatively funny.  But it just goes to show that any video can get over 50,000 hits.  Really.  That's how many this has had.  Actually, 51,123 views.  One of them being mine.

Can I have the last 7 minutes and 45 seconds of my life back please?  No?  Ok.  I guess I'll just try my hand at the card game and see if I can make this trick to "win solitaire every time" work.