With season 7 of 'The Walking Dead' in full swing, how has the question not crossed your mind? CareerBuilder has released a study on which cities are most likely and least likely to survive a zombie apocalypse. 

CareerBuilder's research took in weighted index ranking the 53 largest U.S. metropolitan areas (with more than 1 million residents). The index is scored on eight different factors in four categories: ability to defend the zombie virus, ability to contain it, ability to find a cure and the ability to outlast the epidemic with an ample food supply. Since Duluth wasn't an option in this list, we all may need to caravan to the cities to survive.

The study is based on data from Emsi, CareerBuilder’s labor market analysis arm, which aggregates information from more than 100 national, state and local employment resources. Minneapolis came in at number 10 with a defense score of 17.51, a containment score of 8.19, a cure score of 5.57, and food score of 3.94, giving it a total of 35.21. Here are the entire top ten cities:

  1. Boston, MA - Total score of 48.33
  2. Kansas City, MO - 41.03
  3. Salt Lake City, UT - 41.01
  4. Baltimore, MD - 39.58
  5. San Diego, CA - 39.43
  6. Seattle, WA - 37.88
  7. Denver, CO - 37.82
  8. Virginia Beach, VA - 37.54
  9. Hartford, CT - 35.47
  10. Minneapolis, MN - 35.21

Rounding out the bottom five:

  1. New York City, NY - 8.69
  2. Tampa Bay, FL - 12.89
  3. Los Angeles, CA - 13.65
  4. Riverside, CA - 16.72
  5. Miami, FL - 18.11

You can see the full list and the scores here. Fan fact, in addition to the list, CareerBuilders also saw that  36 percent of workers said, if they were a zombie, they would feast on their co-workers. Nerd alert* - the question doesn't make sense. Zombies are un-dead, therefore the brain isn't functional and they don't decide who to eat and who not to eat. I'm sure if the outbreak were to happen at work, 100 percent of zombies would eat their co-workers giving the chance.

Looks like Minnesotans have a decent chance. I've seen way to many zombie movies and spent countless hours watching 'The Walking Dead', but if the zombie apocalypse were to happen; I'd pack up the family and live in the Mall of America for as long as I can. Let me know what you think of the results in the comments below. Do you have a strategy for something that will probably never happen?

Thanks to last night's episode of 'TWD', this song will now forever be stuck in my head and I'm sure it will still be in my head when the apocalypse happens.