Former NFL player Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson loves Howard the Duck, and he wants everyone to know. After posting a screenshot of the 1986 movie on Twitter, Johnson has the Internet talking about the anthropomorphic duck once more. The post has received over two thousand likes in just three hours.

Johnson captioned the photo with: “I bet y’all can’t name this movie, one of my favorites?” Hopefully, most people should be able to recognize the disturbing face of one of cinema’s most cursed animal protagonists. It’s Howard, all right. Check out the original post below:

Upon its release, Howard the Duck was a box office bomb, making only $15 million against its $37 million budget. It was universally hated by critics, garnering seven Razzie nominations that year. However, it gained a cult following through its home video release. Johnson is clearly a part of that following, embracing the film's nostalgic campiness and bizarre qualities.

Howard the Duck represents a forgotten corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The movie was executive produced by George Lucas, who attempted to bring the satirical comic book series to life. Originally, the project was conceived as an animated film, but due to contractual obligations had to become live-action. This unfortunately led to the use of an unsettling animatronic duck in an otherwise normal human world.

In recent years, Hulu attempted to produce an animated series based on Howard the Duck. But at the beginning of 2020, they announced those plans were dead in the water. It’s a shame, since it seems like there might have actually been an audience for such a show. At least we know Johnson would have been watching.

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